Application for Membership New / Renewal 2021/2022

$ Senior Membership / $ per Junior Membership


I acknowledge that I have not been canvassed to join the Cairns Bluewater Game Fishing Club Inc. I do so at my own request and volition and at my own risk. I acknowledge that the Cairns Bluewater Game Fishing Club Inc. will not be held responsible at law by either myself, my heirs, successors, executors or assignees for any loss or damage, including personal injury, that I may sustain or any damages arising out of my death, be it under the law under the State of Queensland for the time being or any Commonwealth or international Law and I further acknowledge that it is my responsibility to insure against such happenings and that this application for Membership will be pleaded in bar to any such proceedings.


Cairns Bluewater Game Fishing Club Inc. respects the privacy of the information that you have disclosed. Your name, contact details, and boat information are held on the club database and are be used for the purpose of distributing club and game fishing information to our members. Financial Member contact details may be supplied to any recognised Emergency Service in the event of emergency. Financial member names and contact details are supplied to the Game Fishing Association of Australia to register members. Financial member contact details can be provided to other like bodies, including other fishing clubs, for the purpose of distribution of information associated with fishing.

I Agree to the Terms / Privacy

Tick if you do not want your contact details supplied to like bodies associated with fishing.

Total Membership Application $80.00

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